Is there REALLY such a thing as an ORGANIC spray tan?

November 19, 2020

People, people, people. I get this question and see this all the time on forums and even from some other artists claiming to provide it. “Do you offer ORGANIC spray tans”?? Short answer: NO. Long answer: There’s no true such thing. The definition of organic is: “derived from living organisms”. The active ingredient in any […]

Shaving Tips 101

November 18, 2020

Hair Removal Obviously, shaving and waxing are things that need to be taken into consideration when planning for your sunless session.⁠ Keep in mind both of these forms of hair removal are considered exfoliation, so clearly, you will want to be sure to complete these processes PRIOR to your spray. ⁠But what about shaving AFTER your […]

How Should I Prepare For My Spray Tan?

November 17, 2020

Preparing for your sunless sesh is EQUALLY as important as your artist being educated and experienced. Proper maintenance falls into that same category, but we are focusing on prep today! Take a peek at the prep steps, and the why’s behind them, so you can learn more about why you can’t just show up willy-nilly […]

Glowing Gams – What to Avoid *Part 3

November 15, 2020

You’ve been learning lots of great things with our #TanLegTips “series”! Now that you know what to do, check a few of the things you should NOT do to achieve bronze legs: ᔕKIᑭ TᕼE ᔕᕼOᗯEᖇ: Do not shower immediately prior to your sunless session. Showering too close to your appointment time can “fill up” your […]

Get Those Gams GLOWING! (Tan Leg Tips) *Part 2

November 14, 2020

Now that we know the WHY behind why legs tan at different rates than other parts of the body, let’s talk about HOW to fix that with some easy tips! E᙭ᖴOᒪIᗩTE: You should always exfoliate thoroughly but gently before (24 hours, or the night prior to) any sunless session. This process helps to remove dead […]

Get Those Gams GLOWING! (Tan Leg Tips) *Part 1

November 14, 2020

Chances are good, we’ve all experienced it: Tan Leg Deficiency. (That’s NOT a scientific name – it’s an SBB “original”… LOL!) It’s when we feel like our legs just don’t have the same amount of color as the rest of our body. It’s a real thing, and I wanted to talk about it! What are […]

Stages of Rapid or Express Solution

November 13, 2020

First things first: Rapid & Express are interchangeable terms used to describe a type of sunless spray tan solution that allows for faster rinse time. Second of all – there’s a HUGE myth I want to clear up. This is in reference to your tan RINSE time. NOT your tan DEVELOPMENT time. This option totally […]

Clear vs. Instant Color Options

November 9, 2020

Who knew there would be multiple color + clear or instant color options?? While we customize the depth color specifically for you, your desires & your skin tone, you do have the option of clear or instant color – and I’m here to explain the difference! First of all, let’s start with the basics of […]

What’s The Difference? Custom vs. Booth Tans

November 9, 2020

First things first! Here at Sunless By Bombshell we SPECIALIZE in Sunless Tans ONLY. That means no tanning beds that could possibly result in that nasty c[ancer] word. We believe in providing our guests with the safest alternative (and convenient) possible with our sunless only approach. Whether you to achieve your faux glow in our […]

Spray Tan vs. Sunless Tanner

November 4, 2020

When I initially got into the spray tan world, I didn’t believe I needed to offer sunless tanners. I mean – duh… if I offer sunless tanning products to my guests, they wouldn’t need me anymore, right? WRONG!!!! Sunless tanners and spray tans are BOTH equally important, but for different reasons. Let’s go over how […]